Belly Squad and their “Under the Radar” Rise

After recently dropping song “Eyes On We” with highly the regarded producer Diztortion and the release of their latest song “Ribena”, Belly Squads rise over the past 4 or so years has been an impecable one but also one that some people may argue that has gone under the radar.

I wrote last year that I believed that 2018 would be Belly Squads year to really push further into the limelight and into the eyes and ears of people that may not have already heard of the trio. I still very much believe this is the case and they are proving it with the two songs mentioned above and that is before even mentioning the release of their other tracks such as “Long Time”,”Passin’ By” that were released earlier this year and “Missing” featuring Headie One that, although only released a few months ago, has already clocked over 6 million views on Youtube.

Plenty of people know about Belly Squad but when compared to the rise of other groups such as Section Boyz back in 2014/2015, although they are two slightly different types of group with different sounds, Belly Squads rise has gone more under the radar.

Hailing from South London, the trio, are comprised of two cousins in Ty Jombla, Ross Jombla and their friend Yung Max. Bringing a mix of UK rap with an AfroBeats sound and songs that are usually complimented by catchy hooks and vocals, they follow in the footsteps of those with a similar sound and the sound that has brought success to the likes of J Hus, Kojo Funds and Yxng Bane. Like the names mentioned and other artists currently in the scene, the trio have worked hard over the past couple of years to really produce and make some huge hits. Their catchy hooks and free flowing melodies has caught the attention from fans, music journalists and artists alike.

Their first big break was the hit “Banana” back in 2015. They released their EP entitled “Banana” at the start of 2017 and it propelled the group and especially, their remix of “Banana” into more success. The song “Lifestyle” was dropped in the summer of 2017 and speaking of Section Boyz earlier, the two groups did a collaboration towards the end of 2017 with “Sun Goes Down”

They have released more than 5 songs on the likes of Link Up TV and GRMDaily which included the “Banana” remix which arguably was more successful than the original with features from Abra Cadabra again and the late rapper Showkey. The song is currently sitting on nearly 6 million views on Youtube.

Added to this they have also featured on songs with Nottingham based duo Young T & Bugsey and the likes of Donae’o. The majority of these songs are clocking up to over a million views on Youtube.

It is clear that their music is popular. Either way, whatever you make of Belly Squad and their rise over the past few years, they are a group that are here to stay for sure and a group looking to cement themselves among the elite of the UK scene.

Here’s to a successful rest of 2018 and maybe another EP in 2019…


Posted By : Joel Stringer

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