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Drill Music and Church?

As part of their new Inside series, Boiler Room have released a documentary on the idea of whether Drill music and Church are compatible…

The documentary focuses on SPAC Nation, whose ultimate aim is to create and provide opporutunities for young people and their  use of church services that focuses on using Drill as a means of helping young people and spreading the message of the Church. The documentary follows the Church’s very own Drill group entitled, Hope Dealers, who perform at services while Alhan Gençay follows them around to gain a better understanding on the Church, the wealth behind it and the use of Drill music to portray their message.

Much like SPAC Nation, the groups overall aim is to use Drill music to attract people to Church and spread its message. Along with doing so, one of the members of Hope Dealers, AY, believes that there they have created a new genre in “Gospel Drill”.

Another member, Means, explains in the documentary “you can’t talk to someone if they don’t understand your language” so they use Drill and Drill beats to portray their lifestyle and their message. He further explains that they use their lifestyle to “show that, look, there’s a higher lifestyle that you lot can come and live”.

Bread also highlights that their aim is to “offer an alternative” to the lives that some young people in London are living and states, in regards to normal drill, that he “can’t listen to that stuff cause it’s contradictory to what I’m telling all my young boys to go and do”. Showing young people that there is another way to achieve what they want to achieve and buy the things they want to buy without indulging in crime.

Alhan soon finds out that the Church is backed up extreme wealth and just one of these moments is shown when it’s highlighted that the Church services take place in the basements of 5 star Hitlon hotels.

Alhan also meets the Pastor of the Church, named Tobi Adeboyega, who first got into property and wanted to help young people. He explains in the documentary that a potential Record Label may be created by SPAC Nation to help push their message further and promote more “Gospel Drill”.



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