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Man accused of murdering Moscow17 rapper Incognito has murder charges dropped

A 32 year old man has been acquitted of murder and manslaughter after telling jurors he accidentally stabbed him in a struggle. Allegedly the accused man was trying to retrieve a fake Cartier watch that was stolen from him, and pulled out a knife.

Incognito was accidentally stabbed in the struggle and subsequently died. His death was one of 76 fatal stabbings in London – the highest number for 10 years.

Moscow 17 are a popular rap grown – most known for their ‘drill’ style of rap music, with ultra violent lyrics and threats and taunts to other rap artists or local rivals. Controversially drill music has been linked the rise of violent crime in the capital, but other studies show this not to be case

However the fact remains the UK rap scene lost a talented young artist about to reach his prime

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